The Kids are Alright

Capturing an authentic emotion

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Photographing children can be a fun and rewarding experience, or it can be a stressful and baffling endeavor. Kids are full of expressions and creativity, so to capture everyday situations is a far better decision than asking them to pose for you.

By designing a set that resembles a game room and letting the kids act spontaneously about it, we managed to capture their authentic reactions, expressions and their innate creative impulses. The set was made to resemble an indoor playground and with it we managed to establish the mood for awakening the children’s curiosity and encourage them to freely use their imagination.

The set was designed from scratch, thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared – we decided to let our creative juices flow.

„From pastel colored wallpapers, costumes, toys, to the unique furniture, a children’s playroom can be a setting for adventure – not just for youngsters but for interior design lovers as well”.