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Extraform is a brand that produces modern, balanced and contemporary furniture. All the pieces are exceptionally comfortable, durable and highly functional. Visual comfort, environmental awareness, sustainable, responsible and ethical production are at the core of their business.

At the end of 2014 they commissioned us to create editorials to depict their brand for the annual Furniture Fair in Belgrade, as well as their catalogues webpage. The collaboration has continued to date.

Inspired by the brand’s idea of connecting contemporary factory production with traditional hand-crafted elements in furniture making – we wanted to portray this sense of diversity and balance. Interior design professor Zoran Jedrejcic and Nova Iskra – a hub of creatives from the Balkans, contributed to the realisation of this idea.

Our vision for unity between the old craft and modern production embodied in the furniture collections was elevated through three different locations – our Belgrade Studio, Nova Iskra co-working space in Belgrade, and one rural oasis in Vojvodina called Mokrin House.

The spaces are connected by simplicity as a fundamental note of their elegance, and modern, raw materials as the focal interior elements mixed with retro furniture and décor.

Spacious and luminous interiors combined with interesting furniture shapes, its dynamic contrasts in the materials palette, as well as the textural and color combinations – resulted in an overall friendly and cosmopolitan accommodation for a stylish customer that appreciates traditional crafting.

The minimalist furnishing, colors and elegant design compositions develop a scope of lightness and a feeling of spacious ease throughout the editorial.