The Warmest Colors

A cluster of different textures, a toned-down palette and feelings of sensuality

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Inspired by different textures, warm shades and fashion imagery, we have portrayed a modern, playful and sensual young woman, feeling comfortable in her own skin.

“The soft-toned costume and warm interior hues complement the fresh, ivory-skinned model playing with various, often contrasting textures, emitting a certain allure and setting a timidly sensual mood”

While the model seems to be having fun, there’s also an undenying presence of vanity and a juxtaposing sense of sensuality translated simultaneously through the subject’s poses and her interaction with props.

The textures of the props are there to visually describe how she feels physically and emotionally. Sometimes the textures are smooth, sometimes a bit rough, but either way, they enhance the poses, movements and give depth to emotion, mood, feeling and authenticity.