Lumina Images

About Us


Who we are

Lumina Images is a photo/video production studio founded in 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. We specialize in commercial lifestyle, portrait, still life and architectural photography. We have cooperated with clients worldwide, including corporations, big and small stock agencies, small businesses and artists. We are also in the process of opening a studio in Bangkok, Thailand.

What we do

Being a team of twelve passionate professionals from various backgrounds, we have created the right atmosphere and resources to produce high-quality content in-house, from beginning to end, tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs. Approaching every brief with care and great attention to detail, we strive to make the creative process a unique experience, always with a clear branding message as the best end result in mind. Our photographs and videos can be found in various publications, websites and campaigns all around the world.

The team

Gathered around the idea of a sustainable commercial studio, our photographers, retouchers, producers, art directors and managers make a well-coordinated, flexible team experienced with working across a range of advertising, editorial, PR and corporate clients from the industries of energy, telecommunications, entertainment, from the world of finance and banking, furniture manufacturing, as well as start-ups and artists all around the globe. Our main value lies in knowing each other well, which enables us to provide our clients with exceptional and competitive service resulting not only from expertise but also from the synergy between the team members.

Our ethos

We believe that every new project is a unique chance to create something authentic we can be proud of. To us, doing what we love and loving what we do is not just wishful thinking, but a reality full of challenges we are happy to overcome. We strive to push boundaries and outgrow ourselves one shoot at a time. And always deliver a little more.