Passion fruit

Playing with unexpected shapes and textures to create suggestive visuals

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Subtle sensuality, sexuality and feelings of intimacy presented in the right way can take boudoir moments to the next level – to become forms of art.

„With this project we put our skills to the test – in terms of lighting, props, texture combinations, art direction and color correcting, and created one truly authentic, artistic, vibrant and sensual editorial.“

Colors and shapes of fruits presented in the photographs are suggestive, they vibrate with sensuality, emotion, feelings, and are truly elusive. The gestures create movement around static shapes, giving emotion and life to the frames.

Aside from the palpable presentation of sensuality, we wanted to imply body comfort, a love for yourself and paying attention to every part of your being. Through this editorial we made an homage to the body itself – being admired, playful and radiating.