Reinforcing the brand’s image with color-coded set design

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    PAAR socks
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PAAR socks are high-quality socks made of organic cotton and manufactured in a contemporary and sustainable way. Brand owners Ana and Ivana commissioned us to make an eclectic campaign in order to promote their vibrant and lively products.

“The motto of the brand is ‘Walk in colors’ and we wanted to elevate this idea by showing to the viewer that color permeates all aspects of our lives”

The locations, diverse models and set props were carefully chosen to resemble and accentuate the designs on the socks and the philosophy of the brand. Our compositions are almost graphical, as we wanted to emote the distinctive graphical elements and the overall design behind each sock.

The colors, costumes, props and people pictured here bring to mind an urban, free and vibrant environment, put together to reinforce the brand’s strategy and market position.