Hands and Heart

Harmony of contrasts

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This editorial was shot in Hands and Heart café, a minimalistically decorated cafeteria in Bangkok and a personal favorite of ours. Inspired by Japanese art from Teshima Art Museum, the interior of the café is a monochrome color palette – complemented by soft grays, natural wood and marble.

The editorial is divided into two segments – the first one is contrasting the model and the location: featuring harmony in diversity, interpreting together the ideal living environments.

“The coffee and the croissant as props are there to complete the scene, to tie its original purpose to the artistic mood of the photographs”

The second part is indirectly portraying the tropical feel of Thailand, which enables a seamless transition between exterior and interior – a mood changeover.

The entire atmosphere is pure, often even transparent and bright. The space in the pictures is created without physical boundaries, only separated by a variety of lines and geometrical objects. Every artistic detail is carefully thought up to guide the attention of the viewer.