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House in Hammersmith Grove

  • Client

    Focal Design Studio
  • Industry

  • Location

    united kingdom In 2018 we worked together with Focal Design Studio – a Belgrade/London based interior design studio to create a conceptual, yet commercial architectural editorial.

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The house we shot is a redecorated 18th century Victorian house – once it belonged to just one family, and today it is divided into four separate living areas for 4 separate families with a central staircase binding them together still.

Order Xanax Cheap “With the aim of making art an important part of the project, we photographed the empty spaces of a house with luminous, colorful and a little surrealistic ambiance – to create a feeling of ever existing human presence”

Alprazolam Online Paypal By showing the countless separations, open premises and by adding and exposing the feeling of each apartment, we created one unusual architectural editorial which tells a story about the dynamic and contemporary lifestyle – in a centuries old house.

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