Mother and daughter

Before sunset

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In this editorial we wanted to capture the viewers’ attention by creating an atmosphere of emotional intimacy. Capturing emotions in photographs is sometimes more important than having a good composition – because what comes from the heart goes to the heart.

“The emotion we want to evoke is the ease of a summer day – fresh, breezy and happy moments, the ones we often tend to forget about.”

The feel of catching the last days of summer is not represented only by a distinctive light and soft, warm color palette. We captured this feeling of summer bliss by filling the frames with small traditions which are setting it apart from other seasons — things like impromptu picnics, beach days, café patios, and getting out those favorite summertime outfits. Furthermore, this shoot is a reminder, in a way, that anyone can take the time to step back and appreciate the loved ones and situations that surround them on a daily basis.

Also, by portraying the mother and the daughter we’re celebrating and nurturing a relationship that encourages open communication and understanding of who each of them individually is – and how they can have fun and enjoy life – together.