Aesthetics of Coffee

Portraying everyday objects in an artistic aesthetic

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Being serious coffee lovers ourselves, it was a real pleasure to jump into an inspiring project like this. This photo collection serves to the modern trends in product photography combined with unique architectural and essential, austere aesthetics. We wanted to show different ways of portraying an everyday habit – coffee making – in an innovative and peculiar way.

“For many people, drinking their morning coffee is a ritual needed to start the day. For us, it’s a whole experience”

The story of this experience is told with a coffee-toned set design, solid colors, a fusion of simple shapes, glass, stainless steel, and a variety of coffee-making accessories.

Although moka pots are primarily used as coffee makers, portrayed in a setting like this one – they are also parts of a greater artwork in their own right. The paper filters that spontaneously extend up in a pleasing arch almost induce a scientific and experiment-like feeling.

A certain minimalist, modernist quality is visible throughout the editorial, enhancing the beauty of the objects and coffee as a product, as well as their function.