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Purity & lightness to enhance natural textural elements

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In 2017 we were commissioned by GIR Furniture factory – a family business originally from Kraljevo, Serbia, that overtime has grown into a large modern company with a complete production system. Together, we shaped out an editorial campaign that speaks visual volumes about their brand.

Taking the idea of the best quality wood used in the production of their furniture, as well as brand colors and minimalist logotypes on their promotional material, we created visual stories in order to illustrate what the essence of GIR is:

„Simplicity yet quality in the design making & hard but fulfilling work is what builds the company.“

As some of the furniture elements carry the retro-inspiration of the ’60s and ’70s, and yet some are very modern – we were inspired to create different settings for each piece, because each one had its own story.

All of this wasn’t easy to achieve, but our love for beautifully designed objects and spacious interiors influenced us heavily, and in the end we were more than happy with the results. In combining predominating, infinite white light with rigid structural lines we were able to enhance the natural colors, textures or interesting shapes of the furniture and developed a luminous, airy environment. An atmosphere that people would love to recreate in their private homes with these contemporary GIR pieces.