Take me to Chinatown

Transposing the atmosphere of Bangkok’s Chinatown

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With this editorial we wanted to bring you the sights, sounds, aromas and atmosphere of Bangkok’s famous Chinatown – one of the largest Chinatowns in the world.

Even though some would say that visiting this part of the city is an assault to the senses – due to the heat, overpowering smells, overly crowded streets and the sometimes overwhelming noise,  shooting this editorial was a real adventure. A day spent scouting for shooting locations amongst tiny market alleys and crowds of street vendors.

“It’s not easy to capture the charm of Bangkok’s Chinatown, but we feel that we did a good job in translating its unique atmosphere and everyday street scenes to the visual plane”

By choosing a local couple and giving them roles of tourists, we explored everyday situations on the streets – riding in tuk-tuks, eating exotic food, discovering a different culture and just having fun in all of it.

Focusing on vibrant colors, visible emotions and body language, we wanted to show this city district exactly how we experienced it – crowded and intense, obscure and enchanting, streets filled with positive pulsations and excitement calling us back for more.