Father and Son

The ability to convey unique expressions of emotions through photographs

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Photographing young dads with their kids is not an easy job to do – dads have a reputation for disliking the photographing experience. Whatever the reason for that may be, we wanted to challenge the assumption that photographing dads is a troublesome chore.

Emotion in a photograph is what helps the viewer connect with the piece.

With that in mind, we approached the matter by photographing our subjects – dad and his kid, in a way to make them forget that they were on the set. Instead of giving directions for certain poses, we advised our subjects to focus on spontaneous activities. This way we managed to find and capture a genuine emotion present in most of the shots.

To document a genuine interaction is to create a world of inspiration – the more fun the family is having during the shoot, the more they’ll love the photos after the shoot. As our intention was to make the emotional ambiance the center of viewers’ attention – the set we created was simple, enriched with natural wood and other interesting textures. The color palette of the set is in most cases toned down, while the subjects are dressed in contrasting tones, standing out and allowing the viewer to connect with them.