A Family Portrait

One of our most intimate photoshoots

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This editorial was shot quite spontaneously in Bangkok, Thailand, where we met this lovely Indian family who invited us to join their annual gathering.

We’re born or adopted into families. We have mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, half-siblings, cousins and people we call – our people. But sometimes, we meet people that aren’t family, but their honesty and love make us feel like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. People with whom we don’t share the DNA or a roof over our heads, but they still enrich our lives and change us for the better. And this is exactly how we felt when we met the people you see in these images, and that’s why we wanted to show and share a piece of their warmth.

Family photography is all about capturing people with strong emotional connection that echoes beyond the visual plane, and with that in mind we’ve dived into this experience, wanting to do our best to show their vibrant energy and extraordinary open-mindedness.

Taking photos of subjects on a location that is familiar or inspiring allows them to feel more comfortable and to act spontaneously. That’s why we chose an excellent restaurant – Charcoal – famous for intoxicating combinations of century’s old recipes and outstanding industrial décor.

Photographing the atmosphere without any specific plan or directions for our subjects allowed us to capture all sorts of discrete moments – from the intimate, to the playful and fun, and all other candid and meaningful shots that would otherwise be hard to capture.