The symphony of refractions and reflections

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Verkat is a winery located in Fruška Gora, Serbia, and it’s built upon the commitment of a small collective to make a brand of quality wine, cultivated with skill and crafted without compromise. We were commissioned by the Metaklinika Design Studio, under whose art direction we created an editorial that depicted the honesty, craftsmanship and the concept behind the brand.

Verkat has three different sorts of wines – Malvasia, Grašac and Rosé, and throughout the editorial we aimed to build an experience of visual wine-tasting ritual, by portraying each type of wine in different setting, lightning and distinctive mood.

The photographs give the viewer the ability to visually “sniff out” and untangle the subtle threads that weave into complex wine aromas.

Also, inspired by the shape of bottles, and the luminescent colors of wine, we have spent some time studying light and played with its behaviour as it passes through the glass objects and the liquid. Refractions, reflections and occlusions were the foundations we used in developing the atmosphere of editorial.