La Piscine

Poetry of light, shadows, movements and surfaces

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Focused on pools – this project is a visualization of a play between water surfaces, movements and light beams. It consists of multiple shots taken on various locations all over Serbia – the plains of Vojvodina,  Kopaonik mountain, and the city of Novi Sad.

“Clear lines, contemporary, modernist constructs and scenery, fresh emanation, emotions of calm, silence and an overall environment of peace and serenity – is what we wanted to emote with these pieces.”

Inspired by raindrops gently disturbing surfaces, human movements are there to ripple ethereally through water.

The presence of human models and their elegant gestures gives layers of life to seemingly fragile, delicate, luminous and at the same time exuberant interiors and exteriors. This way, movement becomes an important visual element that gives the viewer a sense of skillfully combined contrasts – the one of water: natural, slow and calm; the human one: defined and surging, strong yet at peace.

By picturing swimming in crystal clear waters of the pools, the idea was to transfer an experience of mindfulness. Minimalistic, light and modern locations in combination with ethereal, light-breaking and divine water surfaces, offer visions of serenity to the onlookers.