The Runner

Fluidity of motion in a sculptural environment

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To show the fluidity of motion in a sculptural environment and to represent physical and mental components of exercising was the aim of this editorial project. It was shot in Bangkok, where we searched for minimalistic spaces with geometric features in order to contrast and emphasize the dynamic movements and the strength of the model.

The materials and textures shown in the background, such as heavy concrete blocks, metallic accents and industrial glass, are there to accentuate the organic movement, body shape and human energy.

„The focus of the body and its drive are further defined by the flow of natural light. “

The contrasts derive from the color palette as well. Dimmed hues in the background opposed to the runner dressed in bold red make him stand out and liven the shots.

By focusing on the runner, we acknowledged the body as a powerful vessel and the mind as the influencer. We focused on identifying his mental strength, breakthrough performance and training engagement.  The ultimate task in endurance sports is learning how to deal with discomfort – our runner is surpassing it well, motivating us with his example.